1. Introduction

  • You will be given access to the AccountsPay.com platform so that you can obtain information about the amount you owe and use your credit card. If the “I accept” button is clicked that will show that you have agreed to these AccountsPay.com platform rules.
  • If the “I accept” button is clicked by a person who is not you, that person confirms that he or she has authority to do so on your behalf. Any subsequent use of the AccountsPay.com platform by you will also show that you agree to these rules.

2. How a credit card can be used

  • If you wish to pay by using a credit card select the “pay using credit card” button on the AccountsPay.com platform. That will take you to the payment gateway. That operator is Westpac Bank which will comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard to the extent it applies. The payment gateway is used to process credit card payments via the internet.
  • You use the payment gateway to enter the credit card details. The operator of the payment gateway receives, stores, processes and transmits that information. We do not receive, store, process or transmit any of it. After the credit card transaction has occurred you will be returned to the AccountsPay.com platform.
  • You may be allowed to use more than one credit card. These provisions will apply although you will need to allocate the amount to be charged or debited between the credit cards.
  • If the credit card has been issued to an entity which is not you, you must ensure that that entity has unconditionally and irrevocably agreed to the amount being charged or debited to the credit card and to that amount being paid, as outlined in these rules, towards satisfaction of your liability to us.

3. Use of the AccountsPay.com platform

  • You will access the AccountsPay.com platform through our website.
  • We and the platform provider are not responsible for any interruptions to the operation of the AccountsPay.com platform, including interruptions due to the failure of interconnecting operating systems or telecommunications, forces of nature, riots, civil commotions, insurrections, armed conflicts, labour disputes, the undertaking of repairs, maintenance or up-grades and any defect in the system. Neither of us has any responsibility in relation to computer viruses and you must ensure that you have appropriate protections in place.
  • The data or information available on the AccountsPay.com platform may not be conclusive.
AccountsPay is a registered trading name of Octet Finance Pty Ltd ABN 33 124 477 916